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Chronic Disease & Lifestyle

Medication & Testing

Prior to COVID-19

We have Chronic Dispensing Units in Westridge, Rocklands, Samora Machell, Kosovo, The Leagues and Heinz Park. At these units, patients’ receive their pre-packed chronic medication, have their blood pressure and glucose tested. At our CDU venues, we also provide feet care services to our clients, exercises and offer health promotion on living a healthy lifestyle.

During COVID-19


Due to strict COVID-19 protocols, set by the national government, during 2020 our CDU clinics changed to medication delivery. Our 99 CHW’s are instructed to deliver clients medication to their houses. Our CHW’s makes use of a visors, mask, hand sanitizer, maintaining social distance, COVID-19 screening and Health Talks.

Our services include:
• Chronic medication delivery (during covid-19)
• COVID-19 screening

The services would change depending on the Covid-19 alert level.