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Arisen Women Foundation is a Non-profit organization based in Mitchell's Plain

Arisen Women Foundation was founded by Chantal Scoble and Sheila Scoble in January 2001. Arisen Women Foundation was registered as a Non-Profit Organisation on 28 February 2002. Our main objective is community upliftment and development through community-based care, education, employment, primary health care services and psychosocial support. We assist women from all walks of life to better their lives for their families and their community. We aim to empower women to be the ambassadors of the community in which they live in.

The people who are trained here are mainly women, although we have had a few men who were trained as caregivers and are now able to earn a salary by caring for others.

Arisen Women provides not only Training or employment, but also empowerment, upliftment and mentorship. Women come here for counselling or training and then become mentors to other women.

We have been providing Community based care for people that are confined to their beds and supporting families; feeding the needy, conducting psychosocial support groups and most importantly, caring for the carers (our staff) for the past 20 years in Mitchells Plain.

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Mitchell’s Plain has a population of approximately 500 000 people. The socio-economic standard is low to medium income levels and housing ranges from formal to informal. There is a high incidence of school dropouts and a high unemployment rate. 

High infection rates of HIV/Aids, teenage pregnancy, crime, drug and alcohol abuse as well as physical abuse are burning issues within the community. 

These factors contribute to the destruction of the social fabric of households and families. Many children, teenagers and adults’ lives are being destroyed by the abuse of tik and alcohol.

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Mitchell’s Plain is currently served by one Community Health Centre that also has to provide services to surrounding areas. It places a huge burden on the delivery of essential health services to the rapidly growing community of Mitchell’s Plain.

Due to the lack of capacity within the Community Health Centre, Clinics and District offices of Social Development, Community driven Non-profit organisations have become a key strategic health and social care service delivery partner.

We deliver a comprehensive service to the sick and needy, psychosocial support to those who are grieving and training to the unemployed. Our qualified and truly dedicated caregivers help make a significant difference to the daily lives of our community.

We say
Arisen Women is a stepping stone to your destiny!

The Board

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